A Partner You Can Trust

NBFSA is a solutions company specializing in delivering customized benefit administration solutions that support our clients’ product distribution and servicing needs with control, integrity and security. We have been servicing some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers, financial institutions, plan administrators and benefit providers since 2004. We apply our knowledge and experience to develop administration solutions that are flexible, innovative and superior.

    Key organizational information about NBFSA includes:

  • NBFSA is a licensed third party administrator (TPA).
  • NBFSA works closely with our insurance agency/brokerage (under common ownership) that is licensed in property and casualty, life, health and surplus lines.
  • NBFSA has significant experience with prescription drug benefits as we previously owned and managed a pharmacy benefit management company (PBM) for over 10 years.

    NBFSA understands that our success is dependent upon enhancing our client’s business by:

  • Providing superior services and state-of-the-art solutions
  • Maintaining administrative processes and technological solutions that are easily integrated into our clients’ business without disrupting their core business
  • Maintaining financial controls to ensure we deliver on our promises
  • Staying current on compliance issues impacting our services to protect our clients and customers from regulatory concerns
  • Protecting the integrity and security of our clients’ data
  • Providing clients the opportunity to generate additional revenues or reduce expenses

Our Guiding Principles

NBFSA is a solutions company empowered by caring relationships, ownership of our work, and integrity in our communications and practices.

This is the driving force that dictates the manner in which we conduct our business.

A Solutions Company:

We are committed to identifying proactive solutions in each and every interaction with clients, agents, insured consumers, and members. We believe placing blame and making excuses is bad business, while seeking and implementing solutions paves the path to success.

Caring Relationships:

We believe we must actually see people and treat them as such. We believe work is personal. People put their heart and soul into their work and take it very personally. In the midst of the pressures present in business, it is often easy to forget we are actually dealing with people. We labor to see the people we work with, consider their objectives and circumstances and interact with appropriate respect.

Ownership of Our Work:

We believe there is much in our work that is outside of our control. We believe that deciphering between what we actually have control over and what we don’t is instrumental to effective and productive work. People too often spend their energies attempting to manage the myriad of things outside their control, which distracts them from effectively working on those things they can control. We expect our employees to take full ownership and responsibility for those things under their control while acknowledging those things they cannot.

Integrity in Our Communications and Practices:

We believe the truth is safe and strive to seek it out in our work. The pressures of the workplace too often result in playing games that distract from effectively finding solutions. To that end, we believe we must carefully consider the commitments we make before making them and follow through on them wholeheartedly once made. We believe mistakes happen and must quickly admit to our own in order to maintain an effective solutions mindset.